Brushify - Creating a natural road

Tutorial / 02 October 2020

About these tips and tricks

I find it slow when I have to go find a YouTube tutorial to remind myself how to do some thing in Unreal Engine or Blender. These blog posts will summarise the steps and refer to the original video, to help me in the future and, I hope, may help you. 

Creating a natural road or path with Brushify in Unreal Engine

YouTube Video

  1. Go to Modes>Landscape (Shift 2) 
  2. Click Manage>Splines
  3. Ctrl click to place the first spline point
  4. Change Width, Side Falloff, End Falloff to, say, 200
  5. Ctrl click to another control point. Add to an end by selecting it then  Ctrl click
  6. Change the width of the spline to suit.  This is different to the video. I don't have a Width parameter, instead Half-Width and Layer Width Ratio.
  7. To expand the path, or branch off, select a control node and then Ctrl click for the new control node.
  8. Conform the terrain/landscape to the spline.
    1. Select all connected Segments
    2. Tool Settings click Only Selected 
    3. Apply road mesh. Select all connected Segments
    4. In Landscape Spline Meshes add a new Spline Mesh by clicking on +
  9. Apply road mesh. 
    1. Select all connected Segments
    2. In Landscape Spline Meshes add a new Spline Mesh by clicking on +
    3. In Content Browser navigate to Brushify>Meshes>Roads>Meshes.
    4. Click on S_RoadPlane
    5. Under Landscape Spline Meshes Mesh click the left arrow.
  10. Apply custom material.
    1. In Landscape Spline Meshes add a new Material Overrides by clicking on +
    2. Go to rushify>Meshes>Roads>Materials
    3. Open a material folder, for example Dirt
    4. Select a material instance. For example MI_Road_Dirt_01_Inst.
    5. Click the left arrow for the array element (0) in Material Overrides.
  11. Adjust the path depth 
    1. Under Landscape Spline select all connected: Control Points
    2. Adjust Mesh Vertical Offset to raise the road (default 0, try 2 or 3)

That's it basically. From there adjust the spline, sculpt the landscape, paint the landscape to help blend the road as necessary.