Asset Zoo set up - Brushify Overcast

Tutorial / 27 October 2020

Basic set up for an Asset Zoo in Unreal Engine.

  1. Create a new level. File>New Level>Default
  2. Save Current  name and save in my maps folder. 
  3. Delete default Sky Sphere, Player Start, SphereReflectionCapture
  4. Rename Directional Light to Sun
  5. Change scale of Floor to say 10 x 10 x 10. Also change Z location to 0.
  6. Build Lighting, the disable static lighting. In World Settings check Force No Precomputed Lighting .   Save All and reload map
  7. Adjust Sun angle
  8. Add Sky Dome: Content > Brushify > Materials > Sky Drag S_Skydome into scene. Reset Location to 0,0,0. Set Scale to 10000,10000,10000. Set Collision Presets to No Collision. Disable Dynamic Shadow.
  9. Change Sky Dome material: Duplicate MI_SkyHDR_Inst , rename  MI_SkyHDR_Overcast_Inst. Drag into Details.
  10. Double click on MI_SkyHDR_Overcast_Inst to open itChange Sky Texture to T_Skydome_Cloudy_D   
  11. Add a Post Process Volume. Check Infinite Extent (Unbound). Set Bloom > Intensity to 0. Set Exposure > Metering Mode to Auto Exposure Basic

Then add and check static mesh assets.